Take part in Grand Mobile Photo

Grand Mobile Photo is an international contest for authors of beautiful photos. Amateur and professional photographers who use smartphones and tablets. It is not the camera that is the most important, but a good eye and aesthetic taste.
If you love to take photos with your mobile, do not hesitate and enter Grand Mobile Photo!

Why take part in this contest?

The total prize pool shall amount to at least EUR 12,500. The Grand Prix prize amounts to EUR 3,000, and the Internet Users’ Choice Prize equals EUR 2,000.

You stand a chance of winning the title of best photographer in your category. And if you win the main prize, you will become a juror in the next edition of the contest.

Good company
The jury is composed of outstanding photographers and photo editors from all over the world.

Test yourself, feel the emotions, and get competitive with the most beautiful photographs from contestants all over the world.

The winning photographs will be printed in the ‘Press’ magazine. Moreover, we plan to carry out an exhibition of the photographs that make it to the final round.

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You can submit photographs to Grand Mobile Photo in as many as 15 categories (14 categories comprise single photographs, one category is a photo story).