We have invited companies that, just like us, value creativity, courage to look and curiosity to cooperate with us on Grand Mobile Photo.

Samsung is inspiring the world by shaping unique ideas through innovative technologies. Samsung is actively creating and defining new technological standards with their televisions, smartphones, memory systems, large scale of integration technologies, semiconductors, and LED solutions.

Play is a network where modern technologies and great opportunities work together to create something bigger. From the very beginning in 2007, Play provides their clients with advanced technological solutions and set the direction for the development of the entire industry, thanks to which over 15 million customers have trusted them.

BAT is part of an international tobacco company that sells its products on over 180 markets around the world. BAT Poland aims to ensure that its products meet the needs of adult smokers. At the same time, the company implements commercial intentions while acting as a responsible manufacturer of tobacco products in the 21st century. On the Polish market, the BAT Group includes three companies: BAT that is based in Warsaw dealing with distribution and marketing activities, BAT supervising production based in Augustów, and CHIC Group, a company managing the largest distribution and sale network of electronic cigarettes in Europe (eSmoking World), a liquid factory for electronic cigarettes eSmoking Liquids and the research unit eSmoking Institute.

ZAiKS is the largest organization of collective copyright management in Poland. Organization has over 100 years of experience and knowledge. It brings together composers, authors of texts, screenwriters, playwrights, translators, artists, choreographers, and creators of other fields of art, as well as music publishers while providing artists with millions of polish Złoty., As an association, it carries out extensive social activities for its members and is one of the largest patrons of culture in Poland.

Jetline is a company that creates a space for communication. Creating outdoor promotions and implementing profit bringing campaigns. Jetline helps brands to tell a story and make sure that information about products and services is available to the right people, at the right time, in a good environment, and in the right context. Their focus is on the quality and effectiveness of the media while caring about the stories their and their partners bring to the world.

Media partners

IgersPoland is the Polish part of the global Instagramers movement that contains over 20 regional groups. It promotes the best authors and their photos, organizes exhibitions and events, e.g. PhotoWalki, InstaMeety. They have already tagged over 2.2 million photos with the hashtag #igerspoland. Anyone can join the Igers account by following @igers, @igerspoland and the #igers #igerpoland group and group. More information at www.igerspoland.pl.

Noizz is a portal created by people full of passion and curiosity that’s not afraid of dealing with everyday topics and problems. Noizz creates content both – for their users and for themselves. As they say about themselves: „We are open to the news of big cities, we are online all the time, we are interested in urban culture, music, film, fashion and street food. At Noizz, we publish bold content and surprising videos. Social media on our natural environment.”

We are an exceptional portal full of verified information on media, advertising, marketing, and public relations from Poland and the world written by insiders and some of the best writers in Poland. On Press.pl you will find daily news, opinions, interviews, analyzes, and reports prepared by experienced journalists. Every two months, we invite you to press salons and e-sklep.press.pl for a new print issue of the Press magazine.